Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Do you sell flush mount albums to the public?
We only sell albums to professional photographers.


How can I find out more about Exclusive Albums' flush mount albums and prices?
Please apply for a free account at http://www.exclusivealbums.com/order/register.php


Can you provide me with a leather swatch card?
Due to the large number of cover materials we do not send out free swatch samples. We offer our unique "Swatch Box" which is a miniature
version of our award winning presentation box that is filled with 3x3 cover materials. The Swatch Box can be purchased using our online
ordering system for $40.


What type of binding options do you have?
We offer both split bind and panorama bind. Our split bind albums have an approximately 1mm gap between the left and right pages. This small gap is visible but does not interrupt the design of the spreads. Our panorama bind albums do not have a gap between the left and right sides. The panorama bind albums are made by creasing the center of the layout.


What kinds of album covers do you offer?
We offer custom flush mount albums and styles from classic to modern. View our complete line of flush mount album offerings by signing into the member's section of our web site.


How thick are the album pages?
Our standard flush mount album pages are approximately 1/16th of an inch thick. For albums that are greater than 50 sides we use a thinner page that is approximately 1/32nd of inch thick.


What kind of photographic paper do you use for your prints?
We use the highest quality professional paper available: Kodak Supra Endura paper. This paper, combined with our world class calibration and color control results in richer blacks, more vibrant colors, and a photo quality that only the worlds most premier professional labs can achieve.


Do you offer specialty finishes on the prints (pebble, palette, canvas, etc?)
Yes, we can print and bind flush mount albums with any special finish that you desire.


Can I have a custom die for my studio?
We can make a custom studio die for you. There is a one-time $75 cost to make the die.


What is included in the price of a flush mount album?

  • Exquisite velvet-lined custom album presentation box
  • Velvet album wrap with bow
  • After sale support/Satisfaction Policy


Do your flush mount albums come with a presentation box?
Yes, all albums come with an exquisite custom album presentation box. Exclusive albums' boxes will provide a stunning presentation that is the best in the industry.


Do you offer a discount for a studio sample?
Sample flush mount albums that are used for marketing purposes are discounted at 40%.


What cameo options do you offer?
We offer a wide range of cameo options and we can also create custom cameos to your specifications. You can choose from photo print cameos, metal cameos, or crystal cameos. We can create covers to your specifications. Simply describe what you want in the "Special Instructions" field in the online ordering system or give us a call.


Where are your albums made?
Exclusive Albums makes all flush mount albums and presentation boxes in our Northern Virginia studio. We print and hand craft every album in house for the highest quality control to please the most discriminating clients. Our offices are in Fairfax Virginia in the Washington DC metro area.


Can I visit your studio?

We are located in Fairfax VA, just outside Washington DC. If you are in the area we would love to meet you! Please give us a call to let us know when you are stopping by.

Exclusive Albums
3150 Spring St. Suite D
Fairfax VA 22031


Design Questions

Do you do design? What are your design options? How long does it take to complete a design? How many revisions?
We have a design team that will do amazing custom designs at an deeply discounted price. Three revisions are included in the price. Designs are typically completed within 3 business days.


What do I need to know to design my own album?
If you are designing the album pages in Photoshop or a similar software package please make note of the following:


  1. Because these albums are full bleed, you will lose approximately 3/8 inch of image area on all four sides of an open spread during the binding process. Please leave an adequate amount of image area. There is zero loss in the center of the spread where the two pages meet
  2. If you are choosing a PhotoCover album please download the cover template in the members section of the Exclusive Albums web site.

If you have any design questions please contact us by phone or email.


What is the maximum number of pages that an album can contain?
We can make albums up to 60 sides.


Ordering Questions

How do I place an order for a Flush Mount Album?
You can place an order by using our step by step online ordering system that is found in the members section of our web site. This system gives you the opportunity to customize your album order to your needs. There is a section for special instructions if you would like to clarify anything about your order or if you have a special request. You may contact us by phone or email if you have any questions or need assistance in placing your order.


How do I send my digital layouts/photos to you?
You can use our online ordering system to upload your files. Please sign into the members section of the web site. We can also provide FTP information so you can send the files to us. We also accept files by mail on CD or DVD.

When sending or uploading files please ensure that the file names indicate the page order.


What is the difference between Split bind and Panoramic Bind?

Split bind albums have a thin (approximately 1mm) gap between the left and the right pages. Panoramic bind albums have a crease between
the left and the right pages. Panoramic bind album may be subject to slight lightening or pinking on the crease.


What is your turn around time?
We ship albums in approximately 14 business days after the order is received. Let us know if you need it faster!


Terms of Service


We will charge the full amount when the order is received. Additional fees accrued during the production/design process
will be charged as accrued.


Cancellations before the order is processed will be honored. No refunds will be given after the order is in progress or a
design is sent. No refunds will be given for samples of any kind.

Damaged Packages

Damaged packages are the responsibility of the carrier. Please do not accept packages that you suspect may have been
damaged by the shipper. Please inspect all packages within 24 hours of receipt and notify Exclusive Albums.

Returns and Exchanges

All albums and products are custom made for the client and returns/exchanges are only accepted for manufacturing defects. Returns/exchanges are only accepted by prior arrangement with Exclusive Albums.